Thursday, March 1

Teen girls kissing

2 young girls kissing. Very hot and passionate. Enjoy.
Length: 0 minutes and 48 seconds

Friday, October 7

2x Girls kissing HD

Amazing girls are making out. High quality, two scenes... Deep kissing and tongue sucking included

Length: 4 minutes and 48 seconds

Wednesday, September 7

Women kissing challenge

Hot English competition.

Length: 3 minutes and 28 seconds

Tuesday, June 14

Very long kissing video of 2 blonde babes

Almost ten minutes of hilarious girls kissing. It is not HD, but qualitty is great.
Length: 9 minutes and 21 seconds

Monday, May 23

French kissing compilation

Great girls kissing compilation. Tender, horny, deep... In privacy, in public... everywhere :)

Length: 3 minutes and 10 seconds

Sunday, May 22

Young emo girls kissing

Today i post very short video from youtube, with great emo classmate.

Length: 6 seconds

Saturday, May 21

Very hot girls kissing (HD)

Girl is teaching another how to kiss with tongue.
2 brunette girls kissing. Really beautiful chicks in high quality.

Long video: 7 minutes and 35 seconds

Wednesday, January 5

Amazing girls kissing compilation

Great compilation of lesbian kissing videos. High quality, hot women, just beautiful vid. Enjoy :)

Middle length: 2 minutes and 7 seconds